Car & Truck Finance

Having spent 10 years working in the prestige and luxury car market, we have the industry knowledge to source you the right finance option for your next car.

Whether you are looking for new or secondhand, from a dealer or private sale, for you & the family or to go in the company name for business use we can help simplify the process and get you on the road quick. 

We are not limited by the age of the car or truck you are getting and can also assist in funding accessories and other additions like toolbox’s, trailers, racks etc.

Why us?

Car dealers will appear to make the process of finance very convenient, but you will end up paying too much.

The banks rates look very low, but you will spend far too long getting your finance arranged with them. 

Or you can work with us and get the best of both – Convenience and best rates with the comfort of dealing with somebody that knows the industry and that you can trust.