Debtor Finance

Get paid up front for your invoices when you give your customers payment terms.

Receive up to 85% of the invoice value up front.

There are multiple options available including Invoice factoring where the financier takes over the collections, Invoice discounting where you retain the collection responsibility. This can be a single invoice  through to a whole of ledger undisclosed invoice discounting.

Overdraft always full? 

Don’t want to put up real estate security?

Are your customers insisting on longer payment terms?

You can remove the stress of the uncertainty of an invoice being paid on time.

If you invoice your customers on payment terms you will have a cash flow dead zone of up to 90 days, longer if you import the product your sell.

You can utilise a Debtor and Trade finance facility to free up your working capital to allow you to pay your bills and even take on new customers.

Allows you to grow

The facility grows with you. you can’t out grow it.

Ease of administration

Free up your time to grow your business.

Forget the stigma

Debtor finance is used by many large, thriving companies.